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standing fuck

  1. Schizoguybaliw

    Photos & Videos Carryfucking men

    I'm quite baffled why there's no specific thread on this here. This may come in several variations - you may refer to the following for some examples: Suspended congress Cannonball Afternoon delight Bully I'm gonna start with this Thai slut being used in the air No pulling out while...
  2. R

    Video Can Anyone Id Them?

    Found these vids on TG, sadly no one replied when I asked about the guys' names
  3. dongalong

    Big dick standing fuck

    I find it really hot fucking while both people are standing (all 4 feet on the ground), either facing or from behind like this: I think it helps to stay inside if the guy has a few extra inches but it's not important. Please share any vids that include these positions. Bonus points for a...