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steam room

  1. A

    Copenhagen gyms with sauna

    Hello! Moving to Copenhagen soon and was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations of gyms with sauna? If you have any stories to share of your experiences would be a great bonus! ;)
  2. D

    Portsmouth gym

    Hi Looking for a gym buddy at Nuffield Portsmouth. Anyone in the area and want to work out together?
  3. A

    Turkish Baths / Steam Clubs London: Question + Tips?

    Really intrigued about Turkish baths, Steam Rooms, Banya's, Hammams etc in London. Have always heard about these passively and a friend recently piqued my interest more after telling me about an enjoyable visit in Istanbul. Want to go to a few in London (on Men Only days) and had a few...
  4. A

    London Hammam / Turkish Baths: Question + Tips?

    Really intrigued about Hammams, Turkish baths, Banya's etc in London. Have always heard about these passively and a friend recently piqued my interest more after telling me about an enjoyable visit in Istanbul. Want to go to a few in London (on Men Only days) and had a few questions. Before...
  5. E

    Male only steam / saunas in Australia gyms (not gay)

    Please list all male-only saunas/steam rooms you know about in Australian gyms or other non SOP venues in this thread. Ideally places where it's generally acceptable to go nude and no one minds. I know a few: Brisbane: Goodlife Gym Elizabeth Street (previously fitness first) - Sauna and steam...
  6. B

    Spa Castle NY 7/17

    Hey fellas. Gonna be in town Sunday 7/17 and hanging at Spa Castle. Looking for other like minded good looking dudes who wanna hang naked in the men’s wet area. I’ll be there from about 10:30-5:00. If you wanna know more about how it works and what typically goes down, search spa castle in this...
  7. A

    Nuffield Gym Battersea

    This is a new thread to discuss Nuffield Gym Battersea and in particular the men’s spa. The spa, located in the men’s locker rooms for the gym, has a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi as well as semi open showers (glass dividers, no doors or curtains).
  8. C

    Best NYC gym for sauna/steam fun with 1-day pass?

    Hey guys, great forum! Silent reader for a while here. I used to live in NYC before COVID, but not anymore. I'm going back for work for a couple of days next week and I'm wondering what are the most active gyms with operational steams and/or saunas to get a 1-day pass. I've heard some places...
  9. B

    Bi bottom on PrEP: ready and confident for 1st bathhouse/sauna experience, but have questions

    Hi all, There's a Steamworks in Berkeley, which is nearby where I live. After years of fantasizing, I'm confident that I'm ready to show up, walk in, and enjoy the experience - whatever it may be. Briefly for context: I'm in my 30s, shy/introverted, bi, very discreet, and masc. An older bi...
  10. L

    NYC gyms with open showers?

    So, following my previous thread on cruising spots in NYC, are there any gyms in NYC with open showers these days? My last visit, back in 2019 I did couple of visits to several Equinox gyms and I think most of them have dividers. Also, in general, as of March 2022, gyms in NYC have been...
  11. irishitalian95

    How to tell if someone is cruising/flirting with you in a gym/sauna

    Met this guy at the gym and we had friendly conversation in passing, and that was that. Thought nothing of it. After my workout I headed to the sauna, and found this guy in there naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. We were the only 2 guys in there for a while and chatted the entire...
  12. Mattw1

    Do straight guys wear jock straps?

    I’m straight (curious) wondering if straight guys wear jock wraps? I’m wanting to start the gym soon but I feel a jockstrap (Nike one looks good) would be better support for me while I work out? Do you guys agree? And other straight guys do you think the same or do you already wear them? is...
  13. FitCollegeDude

    Three Hung Black Triplets Have Fun With @christoff (short Story)

    This is a short story about the extremely hot @Christoff ________________________________________________________________________________________ Three hung black triplets have fun with @Christoff (short story) : Chapter I – Dark encounter at the steam room – Part 1 You ( @Christoff...
  14. B

    Lifetime Fitness - Denver

    Any guys a member of Lifetime Fitness in Denver? My location is in Cherry Creek - but have access to all the other clubs in the area.
  15. F

    Uk Gyms Open Showers, Sauna @ Steam

    Lots of posts around about gyms in London with open showers or Steam Rooms & Saunas in the changing rooms, but let’s try and create a list of locations outside London in the UK. lockdown is easing and more of these places are opening now
  16. F

    Male Only Gym Sauna Uk

    I travel a lot working around the uk & like to enjoy a sauna without swimwear after a workout. I am a member of total fitness which has a sauna in the men’s changing room. Does anyone know of other gyms / hotels in the uk with men’s only sauna / steam / jacuzzi.
  17. reimaginethat

    Nyhrc In Manhattan

    Anyone go to any of the club locations, if so, any hot experiences in the locker room or sauna?
  18. MeatJoeBlack

    London - Better Gym

    Hi guys. Recently signed up for a Better gym membership (better.org.uk) which includes access to all clubs in the UK. I'm hoping to explore the different London clubs, not just my nearest club, especially at the weekends. Does anyone have an opinion on the best ones in London? Also if anyone...
  19. T

    Curious, Bi Etc. I Think I Just Found Out

    My profile says 1% gay, which I always thought did not really describe me. You see I’ve always been a bit curious as when I was in my teens, me and my best friend experimented a little. Just a bit of nude bonding and mutual mastabation. Now married and in my 50’s I have often wondered. Last...
  20. O

    A Beginners Guide To Spa Cruising (vegas Edition)

    Hello - I've frequented quite a few spa's recently and thought it'd be interesting to make a guide for people who are new and interested in the extra curricular activities that might take place in our favorite men's wet room. The majority of my experiences are from spas in Las Vegas as I have...
  21. milo1730

    90% to 100% straight guys chicago and suburbs roll call

    Looking to meet ( Maybe never meet face to face) , but chat with other guys living similar straight lifestyles. ( A bi curious or in the closet bisexual side never admitted to your real life social or work circle and never will!) This is a safe discreet group to meet like minded personalities...
  22. milo1730

    Do any lpsg members belong to your health club? what gym do you go to?

    Its alsways nice to find a connection with people. In this thread please tell us : 1) what state do you live in? 2) what is the name of your Health club or Park district Gym you work out at? 3). What is your age? 4) How often do you go? 5) Tell is your experience with nudity in the...
  23. Strange016

    Long beach/cerritos nude spa hang out

    Hey there guys, 26 y/o slim guy here looking for friends who like to hang out nude. Willing to meet at a Korean spa sauna since it’s mandatory nudity. Not really looking for sex, at most jacking off together but mostly into nudism with other hot dudes. If interested let me know :) we can meet
  24. 8

    Korean spa body scrub

    Hey I’ve recently been to century spa in Los Angeles and had such a good time. Most guys are there to show off and stroke in the steam room or outside in the sun. I got a body scrub last time and was rock hard as soon as he started scrubbing my balls and shaft. I stayed hard throughout expecting...
  25. J

    Best gym steamrooms in brooklyn and nyc

    Curious which gyms have the largest/best secluded steam rooms in Brooklyn and NYC. I like the idea of spending time in the steam room and seeing what happens - without any formal expectations. I’ve noticed some steam rooms are very small or have gym employees checking on them. Downtown...