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  1. bigboaster

    Gaydar: Did it ever even exist? Can it still exist in the modern age? (Poll)

    Do you still believe in gaydar? Was it ever even a thing? Was it helpful in a bygone era or just harmful stereotypes that hurt us? Can gaydar even be a thing now that straight men are more accepting of gender neutral activities in this day and age? Let out your thoughts please.
  2. H

    Small penis appreciation.

    Nos frascos mais pequenos estão os melhores perfumes.
  3. H

    Asian Guys (views, Stereotypes, Fetish, Etc)

    Hey guys I’m new to LPSG and I think it’s not just a nice place to jerk off but for discussion too, so I wanted to ask what are your views on sex with asian guys and the fetishization and stereotyping of asian guys in sex. I’m asian myself and 18 years old. I’m about 5.5 inches hard I would say...
  4. spaj8987

    What Would You Consider Baseless Homophobic Stereotypes?

    In another thread i was just accused of having peddled baseless homophobic stereotypes. To which i asked the person to prove exactly when i did so. Which got me to thinking. What are some baseless homophobic stereotypes? Now right from the start i'll admit that my opinion is that all...