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  1. G

    somebody have nude pictures of The Liver King Brian Johnson?

    somebody have nude pictures of The Liver King Brian Johnson? Who was recently caught lying about using steroids i’ll be forever grateful
  2. D

    Sydney Australia. Looking for a bodybuilder/PT to Grow me, teach me.

    31,white, bi, discreet, euro background Aussies. Don't smoke, drink or do drugs, decent, mannered, normal. Looking for a bodybuilder/PT to teach me how to do cycles, PCT maybe workout/diet advices, anything else. Want to learn, grow, happy to help out in return however i can, open to...
  3. D

    Sydney (Australia or Global) - Sponsor me, Get me Muscled, Grow me.

    31, White, Euro background Australian, discreet, normal, clean, honest, reliable, masculine looking, behaving. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, im very well mannered and respectable. I respect privacy 110%, what we talk about and do is strictly between us only, guaranteed. Live in Sydney...
  4. G

    Photos & Videos Steroidalmasculinity

    Hello guys there is this very hot guy on twitter that has no thread on lpsg and he goes by the name Steroidalmasculinity does anyone have his OF videos or anymore content enjoy https://mobile.twitter.com/steroidpride?lang=en
  5. J

    Benjamin Weil (benvyle)

    Look at this massive beefcake! He has a great ass and you should see what he used to look like! All skin and bone back then, and now, lots of eating and anabolic steroids did him real good! Also good friends with Paul McNulty!
  6. HungThickProf

    Androgel And My Attitude

    I recently started using (prescribed) Androgel and have noticed some major differences with my body and muscle development. I have also noticed some differences in my personality. I'm more outgoing and confident, which says a lot because I thought I was always that guy. Now, I'm no longer the...
  7. M

    Video Bodybuilder/ Muscle Fart Videos To Share?

    Hello! New here so sorry if this already exists (I couldn't find a thread) if there is one please point me in the direction. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on custom videos, private videos and webcam shows (which I've recorded) from bodybuilders and fitness models on various...
  8. 1

    Serious gym goers...

    Hey Guys! So I’m gonna start taking my gym workouts really seriously and want to get into some amazing shape. Obviously I’m gonna be working my bubble butt off & also having a really strict diet. But What kind of supplements do you guys take? And what brands etc? Testosterone Boosters...