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  1. antonioc95

    CHAT GPT taking over OF

    So as if the OF situation of scammers and baiters wasn’t enough… Now one of who I believe is top on my list of scammers is using CHAT GPT to chat. I caught on as lines kept being repeated exact down to the format. How do they get away with this stuff when they say personal responses… I’ll Post...
  2. Z

    Help ID this guy from baitbus

    help me id this guy from baitbus
  3. L

    Silverback_aj / Shihabmalik_

    Anybody got anything on them? They both have nice juicy asses!!
  4. V

    Photo James - Fitness Insta

    He is really nice and responds to all Instagram DMs he just will never show Dick. Here’s wishing someone else has seen more of this man and can share