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straight bait

  1. J

    Photo Matt Rogers (k9matt1_)

    Anything on this dog trainer from Jersey?
  2. L

    Why when we acess Japanese Gay Porn sites, we often find straight videos?

    Why when visit Japanese gay porn sites, we often see straight videos? Did you ever find this strange? Why only in Japan (not in Asia, not in Eastern world) we see this habit? Why do these producers have this stupid custom of involving women in scenes?
  3. PrivateJacob

    Photos & Videos Drop Some Straight Videos Here

    The after-after party we all need every weekend!
  4. C

    Chicago Guy Seeks Show Offs

    Chicago gay guy here into J/O with straight show offs. Spent formative years jerking with straight buddy who must have realized pretty early how big his cock was and always was flashing it for me. Yes, it was a turn on (nothing physical ever happened). It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized my...
  5. JayPR

    Do You Really Think A Woman Would Be Behind A Glory Hole?

    I am just curious because I've read an old news story about a few straight men in Florida who were deceived by a gay guy into thinking that he was a married woman giving blowjobs to anonymous men through a glory hole. I personally think those men were very naive or in denial if they believed...
  6. ceejeecee

    30yo Latino Looking For Jo/more W Masc Or Straight Curious La

    If anyone is straight and curious about a JO/oral or anything with a gay guy hmu. I have KIK and also am located in LOS ANGELES. looking for straight good looking dudes who are curious. Let's have some fun! Super low key here as well.
  7. ceejeecee

    Curious Straight Guys?

    New here, but just was wondering if any straight men in LA were curious to vibe or chill or even just chat on here. I have KIK that I dont mind exchanging anonymous texts. It don't gotta be anything too serious either. JO/sext/chat casually/etc. Let me know, would love to be of whatever...
  8. D

    Straight Dudes Finding Out A Dude Is Behind The Gloryhole

    Is it pipe dream, or were there not scripted videos back in the day where straight dudes would go into a gloryhole, get sucked by a dude, then get pissed when they found out it was a dude? I’ve looked for these videos but I haven’t found a crumb, does the audience have anything like it? ex...
  9. J

    Real Straight Goes Gay

    I hate watching a ‘str8 to gay’ porno and knowing it’s fake. So please share any videos, photos, links etc of real or what your think is real straight men doing naughty gay things. Cheers ❤️
  10. J

    Real Straight Men Go Gay

    I hate watching a ‘str8 to gay’ porno and knowing it’s fake. So please share any videos, photos, links etc of real or what your think is real straight men doing naughty gay things. Cheers ❤️
  11. N

    Video What Movie Is This From

    Found this online last night and I’ve seen this scene before but I can’t place what movie it’s from. I don’t recognize the actors and if you google “straight guy blindfolded getting head from a woman unaware that guy takes over” it returns a lot of results but haven’t found one that tells me...
  12. aussiekendoll

    Photo Find The Video Of This Screenshot Of Straight Bolnde Guy Showing His Hole?

    Someone please find the full video or any other videos or photos of this hot straight guy showing his asshole?
  13. K

    Photo Anything On Bobby Dray / Draybobby / Draybobby.fitness

    So fucking sexy! :p:heart_eyes:
  14. Creoleken

    Real Str8 Vintagae

    Anyone have any vintage/ old school gay for pay, tricked, seduced videos? No of this new age pretend actors shit. Would love to see some real hot vids.
  15. M

    Help Me Find These Tumblr Clips

    Hey guys, Looking for two hot Tumblr clip. 1. 2 guys on bed one laying on his back and the other on his knees in front of him. Camera angled to only see guys on his knees. The guy on knees is sucking guy on back slowly saying "you deserve this""you're such a stud" then sucks him off. 2. Two...
  16. 1

    Video Help Identify These Guys In The Video.

    I saw full video before. But lost it
  17. TNS77

    Can Anyone Id This Guy?