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straight experience

  1. B

    Any More "gay And Straight Sexual Contact" Videos Like This? Only Real Straight (at Least Looks Real

    Any more "gay and straight sexual contact" videos like this? only real straight (at least looks real) amateur stuff, no company-made big fake straight. Can I touch it? I won't tell! Soldier boy fixin to feed his load to his friend almost have a crush on him (and these kinds of "no-homo" stuff).
  2. P

    Twitter Video

    Help me find this full video or the guy in it. hnyby on Twitter
  3. S

    Need A Straight Couple In Mississauga/toronto/gta

    lately the idea of having a threesome with a straight /bi couple is comming to my mind. if there is a couple in or around Greater Toronto Area, we can have quite the fun time together.
  4. London74

    Ever Tried Straight Sex?

    As a gay man I’ve never been with a woman, and am not attracted to women, but I have 1% straight on my profile as I have a desire to try straight sex purely to experience it. Any other gay guys wanted to do that, or have done it? Finding a guy for casual sex is pretty easy - wouldn’t have a...