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straight sex

  1. T

    Looking For Ladies In La

    Anyone looking for fwb in Los Angeles? 26yo husky Latino, chill, respectful, disease free, 420 friendly. Can share more info. I’m into bbw, milfs, cougars, petite, age: 20-40
  2. E

    Nicole aniston's biggest cock?

    Anyone know the biggest cock Nicole Aniston has taken? I know she's done a scene or two with Voodoo and Chris Strokes. Anyone else? Would also love to see any videos where she actually gets cum in her mouth.
  3. M

    Straight men in st. catherine's ontario?

    I'm a straight woman looking to meet up with nice guys in the area, who just happen to have big dicks. I'm tired of being disappointed in bed. No hook-ups, no men in serious relationships or marriages, as I'd prefer something on-going.
  4. WatchStr8Sex

    Straight couples fuck in a gay club

    Some years ago, there was a dance club in Melbourne Australia with great music, awesome crowd, no violence. It was an underground private club that was ostensibly gay and apart from the usual amenities found at any other club and a significantly lower ambient light level for such a place, had as...