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  1. SomedoodeMe

    Can anyone id the guy in this.

    Does anyone know eho this guy is? He sucks his own dick with the chick it's pretty hot. (6:54)
  2. 2

    In 206/425 for holidays, seeking hung

    Straight guy looking for huge hung to hook up with. I'm average but have fascination for huge cock. NO anal play!! Don't ever try. Only looking for cock play. Cannot host. Won't meet without photo trade. Face pics a must, so be prepared.
  3. A

    Downtown toronto str8 curious dl fun

    Any curious guys downtown Toronto 25 fit good looking and very curious
  4. 4zardoz4

    Labels don’t necessarily matter, but they may be helpful...

    So I’m working on a personal theory and I appreciate some of your thoughts. I indentify as straight. I’ve never had sex with a man. I am erotically attracted to men, but I have only had sex with women and my romantic relationships have all been with women. With regards to my same sex...