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    Group Masterbation And Mental Health

    Hey All, Just curious, does anyone think or have any experience with group masterbation, with a best friend maybe or something like that? Straight, gay or bi? Doesnt matter. I've been going through a rough few years mental health wise. As a result I am taking antidepressants, etc. In the last...
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    Not Able To Cum/have An Orgasm (mental Health)

    Hey! So I've suffered with depression for quite awhile now. For the last few months, I've not even been able to get hard without medicinal aid. And even then, I could jerk off for the 3/4 hours and not even climax. I'm gay. I've talked to guys online, exchanged pics and watched porn that would...
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    What are your ways of dealing with chronic stress?

    Hi! Chronic stress is a great problem for many of us. Could you share your ways of dealing with it? I'll start from examples of movies on living closed to nature, vacation and bushcraft from Europe and Asia with info where to look for it on YouTube: Stephanie Margeth FARSHID BEHROOZIAN - see...