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  1. Z

    Links BBW's struggling with Big Dicks (Amateur or Pro)

    Not sure if this is everyone's flavor of ice cream, but starting a thread on amateur BBW/SSBBW attempting to take on big dicks. Love to hear them STRUGGLE with large cock, comment on their size, and announce when they're cumming. Spam-filter is not letting me post my example links just yet...
  2. wankgameplays

    Photos & Videos Odd video request - stuck?

    so I just found these two videos and for some reason, they're really hot to me. I guess it's the thought of a cock being too big and getting stuck in something? anyone know of/seen any more?
  3. frankfontaine

    No Sex Please, We're British !

    No sex please we're British, is the name of my journal that im trying to self publish so i can get my kids thru the next 6 months, without worrying about food clothing or nappy costs and i can focus on homeschooling them. The journal is about being a queer dad, working in the adult industry in...
  4. Adomfg

    Ladies struggling to take it ?!

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if there is a thread an where the ladies struggle to take a huge cock ? Or if there isn't, lets start one! Here! Cheers guys, Adomfg