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  1. G

    Disruptive Films

    Hi, where could I watch the full videos for free of Disruptive films? Or does any have them?
  2. A

    Ayo Gillott model ?

    Ayo Gillott, a 23 years old Hungarian dark-haired with smoldering good looks man is everything, what we love in today’s male beauty. Let's start his sets from idol-men dot net
  3. N

    Cw models introduction thread

    Cw models is a new webcam studio from colombia, which has recently been very active. Their models are pretty hot and they seem to be getting even more of them almost every month. they have instagram, twitter and even their own website with a catalogue of their current models where people can go...
  4. W

    Anyone Know What Studio This Is From?

    Saw this video on GayBoysTube and I think its hot. Looks pretty amateur but the blacking out of what is probably a logo on the bottom right makes me think its probably from a studio. Anyone know where it came from? Link here:
  5. F


    Not sure if that's the right thread to ask but, what happened to gaycock4u.com? Gives me an error and I can't access it now. Do you have the same error on your end? Do you know of a website alternative with the same content? They usually posted content from big gay porn websites but you could...
  6. Chris Levin

    Links Does Anyone Know What Studio This Is?

    Does anyone know what studio this is? Or any actors in it? I really want to see the other movies they have but I can't find any info. The site says it's called Jockstrap, The Movie but I can't find shit so I doubt it's that. Jockstrap, The Movie — PornOne ex vPorn
  7. Chris Levin

    Video What Studio Is That?

    I recently found this vid online but the studio is blurred out. I wanna know more about the guy and the site. Does anyone know who and what studio this is?
  8. 3

    Gay Porn Studios That Aren't American?

    I'm tired of seeing the same used up American porn actors that every single American studio has. Americas gay porn industry is fucked imo, too much fake bullshit and shitty content. Even politics are involved in it now. In my opinion, Czech studios, like Belami Online, are the best. I love...
  9. alexander123451

    Video Please, Help Me Find Guys With Video Or Studio.

  10. A

    Japanese Amateurs

    Has anyone of you watched Japanese gayporn namely Hunk Channel, Men’s Rush, Boy-Studio and the likes? I would like to the know the real identity behind those amateur guys. They are supposed to be famous people too. Some of them are model I remember one of the guy turn to be the famous actor...