1. SAGN

    My Favorite Actors Hunks

    Let's start with 1. Nolan Gerard Funk
  2. M

    Can anyone ID these two beautiful boys

    Ive seen GIFs of this scene all over but cant find their names. Much appreciated !
  3. V


    Hi, I couldn't find anything on LPSG related to this website, so I guess I'll just ask here. There used to be this website called which seems to have had lots of videos of guys in their underwear, doing like household tasks (often with boners), but also jacking off and...
  4. S

    Photo Help Identify Stud BBC

    Found part of a video on MCL but there wasn't qny identifying text or tags. Please help
  5. PornyCaliente

    Hot Twitter Vids

    Here are a few vids I came across that just got me . Posted video and screen shot of the Twitter account it’s on! Let me know which ones you like and also show whatever Twitter vids/accounts that get ya goin as well
  6. Y

    Photos & Videos Shaved Heads (not Balding)

    I just love the way it looks.
  7. A

    Straight To Hell Magazine Issue 68

    I was flicking through my copy of STH magazine and there are a few hunks that i've been drooling over. I don't know when the photos were taken, but if anyone can I.D. these studs I'd appreciate your help. 1. Love this studs huge balls, any idea who he could be? 2. Would love to try deep...
  8. C

    Sticky Fur

    there was a tumblr out there a while back that had stunning hairy studs just drenched in cum - hence the title - sticky fur. Thought it would be hot to see some hairy studs and otters getting all sticky!
  9. C

    Anything juicy on these two studs?

    @ anshaodong & @ junwu185 on Instagram
  10. Marco Young

    Nicholas kotselas (greek-american model)

    Anything on Nicholas Kotselas? He's a Greek-American model who's also some pageant winner, Mister Supranational USA 2018 Hope there are dick pics or even fuck pics/vids out there :)
  11. Damon01

    Photo Show us that big dick (solo studs)

  12. martinmiller

    Who is this twink?

    Can you tell me who is this blond twink who likes to be fucked rough? From this video!
  13. MyHardBigDick

    Photo Favorite football dick and hot locker room pictures

    This is a place to share favorite pictures of hot football jocks, and hot locker room pics. Feel free to post bulges, hot jock guys, no cup wearing jocks, butts, guys in uniform, and all them locker room files that turn you on. Let’s see some of our studs in action :p