sub top

  1. Y

    Guy looking for a long term sub

    Snap : mamamia20231
  2. ecccchen

    Photo rate my naked body and dick

    Hello. New to this site, want to rate this pic of mine?
  3. B

    Black sub bottom Québec City

    Black Sub bottom in Québec City is looking for a strong Dom Top
  4. nhguy78

    Submissive tops

    Is a submissive top a thing? I don't see it much on here. It's usually the bottom that has to be submissive and take whatever is being offered. I'm not necessarily looking for power bottom perspective but more of a Dom bottom. The bottom who wants anal pleasure in their own way at the own speed...
  5. Mixed97

    Dominant Bottom, Sub Top?

    Hey! I cant find videos where the bottom is the dominant one. The top is tied and the bottom rides him and makes him cum, or something like that...Some examples: (Straight porn warning) There are a lot of these videos in straight porn, but I've barely found videos like these in gay porn...