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submissive bottom

  1. S

    Small, smooth, submissive, chastity sissy seeks manly boyfriend.

    Hi all, I'm a 5ft5 (167cm) petite sissy, lasered completely smooth all over (laser hair removal on body, face and pubes completed) and small natural breasts from hormones which love being sucked. I'm bottom only and enjoy having my clitty caged so I orgasm exclusively through anal. Looking for...
  2. sub4domMen

    I Want To Be Humiliated, Dominated, Owned - How Did I Get There?

    Hey, I love to be dominated and humiliated when having sex. I just love to feel inferior, worthless like a total slut. I am not sure why exactly that is such a turn on for me, I have a good gues, but when a man that in my perception is superior to me dominates, humiliates and uses me like I´m...
  3. CroydonChris1

    Chris Morgan, A Submissive & Exhibitionist

    Hello! My name is Chris Morgan. I'm a submissive gay man and a true Exhibitionist. I love being naked & enjoy being watched/seen by others. Its a major turn on for me. If you Google my name, you'll probably find pics of me. I post myself over twitter (@croydonchris) and you're welcome to share...
  4. R

    Submissive Older/dominant Younger Porn

    If there's already a thread about this, please share the link! Basically, I'm really into slim hung young (18-25) twink boy types that totally dominate and top submissive daddy-type older guy (extra erotic points if their dicks are smaller than the boy!) And I'm not necessarily talking about...