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  1. A

    OF/JFF/SITE reviews

    This thread is going to be discussing if OFF/JFF/SITES ive seen are worth it and give a bit more detail into what they offer as i wish there was a preview before i subbed to some of these pages
  2. M

    Feet god only fans

  3. D


    Hey guys, my boyfriend and I are on Onlyfans and Twitter at @Whorlandocplxxx and we’re doing 50% off til Wednesday when we post 24 min of oral, bareback, and facials
  4. D

    Is Jockfootfantasy Legit?

    Hi, just like the title says, is the website jockfootfantasy legit? I’m considering subscribing simply because it’s so hard to find their full videos online but they fulfill almost all of my kinks perfectly lol Would o regret giving them my money, is it a shady website, if I subscribe do I still...
  5. P

    How To Subcribe Or Mark As Favourite A Forum?

    Hi eveyone! I'am almost new to LPSG. I can't find how to save your favourite forums and get alerts when there's a new post for example. Can anyone tell me how? Thanks!!!