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suck buddy

  1. O

    Frat House Balls Sucker

    I struggled to make up out of a deep sleep. Something warm was covering my face, and although it wasn't suffocating, it felt like some kind of odd torture or at least a prank. It kind of resembled those rolled hot towels they give you on long airline flights. The presence on my face shifted...
  2. hornygamer89

    Do You Suck Cock?

    Often I find that a lot of women prefer not to suck cock for various reasons. That being said, it does seem that some women do actually like to suck cock, so if you do, please answer the questions below: Do you actually enjoy to suck cock, or is it something that you do for him, but really do...
  3. D

    Soft Bottom.

    Would you top a bottom that has a semi hard or soft dick, thay he considers more of a “clit”? Someone that has a tight ass to die for? Also this bottom is a real nice pleaser, has a high sex drive, and can go for a couple of hours. All you need is to have is staying power...,would you be be...
  4. M

    Xxl Buddies On Cam

    Can anyone tell me who these guys are? I've seen more vids but can't find them anymore. They're both straight but suck each other in a couple of videos. If anyone has the vids, please share links.
  5. I

    Do You Have A Bond With Your Suck Buddy Or Just See Him As A Cocksucker?

    I don't mean, a gay relationship. For example, when I was teen and sucked my buddy's big coc k for six years we became best friends but didn't "fall in love". The nice thing about such a friendship is that I really got to know the nuances of what turned him on and our sex got raging hot.