1. M

    Please ID this guy!

    Does anybody know who this is?
  2. T

    Can anybody ID this PHub legend?

    I’ve been looking for this guys name for forever. Inobody seems to know who he is, but apparently he was REALLY popular on phub for a long time before the purge, yet no sites have been able to ID him, I have about 4 vids of him, please help me find more vids and even what his username was!
  3. T

    Footjob by beautiful girl

  4. S


    Please I'm begging anyone to ID this cute af muscle hunk with a dildo and sunglasses
  5. tanamon1111

    Can Someone Help Me Find Out Who He Is?

    He always wears sunglasses in his videos and I can only find like 4 of them
  6. Buff XXX

    Photo Sex in sunglasses / shades

    Hi all, I'm going through a major festish phase for dark/black sunglasses - specifically guys sucking and fucking wearing them? A la the screenshots here... Please help! Post your pics and videos!
  7. F

    Photo Who's this guy?