1. ashleyxy88

    Photos & Videos Ultraman Defeats

    I wonder why is there no threads on Ultraman? I am always in love with Ultraman being defeated, especially Ultraman Dyna series. The fight scenes were well scripted and Ultraman Dyna always looks like he is in great pain when getting attacked by his enemies. The suit is so fitting as well that...
  2. HeroSignalCosplay

    Links Cosplayers on OF/J4F Suggestions and Discussion.

    I love cosplay both as a kink and as a nerd and there have been a good bit of cosplayers who have done content on OF that most of us are looking for i.e. nudes and sexual content (solos/toys/sex) but honestly finding some good creators has become difficult so I figured why not create this thread...
  3. K


    Does anyone know this guy from cfnm ? Original video : 'Superhero's downfall' Search Superhero - Femdomz - All Femdom Online
  4. Shofixti

    Photo Superheroes, Comics And Erotic Cosplay

    LPSG has a few text related threads on this topic, and also some threads on specific cosplayers - but I don't see one that caters to a more general collection of images around superheroes, cosplay, movies, comics, and Marvel/DC erotica etc. I can't say how busy this will ever get. But deserves...