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  1. R

    Ty Olsson

    I'm surprised there's no thread about Ty Olsson. He played Benny Lafitte on Supernatural and also played in the Slasher series. He's so hot.
  2. C

    Drake Rodger (The Winchesters)

    I tried to find a thread for him but no luck, so here goes...the actor who will play young John Winchester is Drake Rodger and he is a hottie... Do we know or have anything on him?
  3. L

    The Ixlutani (cock Shrink, Cock Growth, Transformation, Circumcision, Mm, Mf)

    This is the first piece of fiction I've written, and I hope you all enjoy it. I believe it fits in with the general themes of this board, but is a little unconventional. (I have a second story completed and posted, with a third in preparation. But those are even more unconventional.) The main...
  4. Drainmyrod

    Adam Rose

    How is there not a thread for him. His blue cardigan/grey sweats combo on TikTok are beyond hot and that hairy chest
  5. jonzjam

    Matt Cohen

    Hottie Matt Cohen of Entertainment Tonight, General Hospital, and SUPERNATURAL
  6. jonzjam

    Richard Speight Jr

  7. jonzjam

    Rob Benedict

    I love to look at him.
  8. T

    Osric Chau

    How is there not a thread for Osric? He's so adorable. He seems to pure to nudes out there, but we can still look.
  9. A

    Sam And Dean - Forbidden Love! (supernatural Gay Fanfiction)

    Sam and Dean - Forbidden Love!! (Fan Fiction based on Supernatural TV series) Story: Sam jumps into pit to stop Lucifer from brining the Apocalypse! Dean quits from being a hunter and lives an apple pie life with Lisa and Ben. Sam returns to the mortal world without his soul and Dean has no...