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  1. Kazimir

    Sexuality v.s. Philia (sexology survey)

    Well met! I'm trying to learn about the basis of sexual attraction; specifically, I want to know whether physical maleness/femaleness or perceived masculinity/femininity is a stronger driver. For the purposes of this question, SEXUALITY refers to an attraction to sex (males/females), whereas...
  2. Kazimir

    Straight v.s. Gynephile (sexology survey)

    Greetings! I'm looking into the basis of sexual attraction, and would appreciate you taking a moment to answer this one-question survey. For the purposes of this question, HETEROSEXUALITY refers to sexual attraction to women, and GYNEPHILIA refers to sexual attraction to femininity...
  3. BeardedBigNThickD

    What is your honest girth of your hard cock?

    Select the girth of your cock with rounding up or down to the nearest quarter inch. Leaving a photo with your stats in the comments is also allowed if you so choose.
  4. C

    British Men And Circumcision

    Hey guys, Just wondering what other British guys' position is on circumcision. How old are you? Are you circumcised? If yes: When did you get circumcised? Why did you get circumcised? If you were given the chance, would you get circumcised?
  5. 3

    Please Answer My Masturbation Survey

    Click this link - Masturbation Survey
  6. D

    State Your Length, Girth, Width (flaccid & Erect Size) & Volume

    I know many of you have answered some of these in some form or another in other threads but I wanted a more comprehensive look at how much bigger (if any), our LPSG community is than average. For this reason, the poll really only looks to differentiate what percentage of members are bigger than...
  7. N

    Jo buddy survey

    Hey guys, A bit ago I created a survey and posted it on the subreddit r/jobuds, figured i'd try to get more dudes who enjoy having a buddy to jo with to fill it out JO Buds Survey Thanks guy
  8. 7

    Survey: cock size & habits

    Right, lads, let's try this one out. Inspired by some other surveys I've seen around about dicks to see if I could get my own set put together. Anyone willing to step up to the plank for dicks and data? Link to survey (takes 5-10 minutes): Dick Census 2018 Curious about any particular result...