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swallow cum

  1. R

    New here, finally had first experience

    Been around on the site for a while. Finally had first experience with man and I’m hooked and now finding so much more great content on this forum Time and place was right last night. Finally gave my first blow job. Sucked his balls, licked up and down his shaft, smacked his dick into my...
  2. Feed me with fresh hot CUM

    Feed me with fresh hot CUM

  3. nymikey16

    Video I need help ID the full video/these guys

    Hi, does anybody recognize these guys or the full video of it please?? Thanks! Blowing a load in his mouth - ThisVid.com
  4. T

    Mid-Michigan deepthroat training needed

    34sub obedient bi-male cocksucker with gloryhole 5'10 dirty blonde blue eyes athletic 165 into oral worshipping both front and back...cock pics? Im hosting Kik is tommysub877
  5. W

    New guy in California

    Hello, Like to find a regular bud close to me. Like a big guy with sensitive nipples, versatile,maybe more top
  6. N

    Cum swallowing / eating collection

    Please share your cum swallowing or eating collection here
  7. D

    Video Glory Hole Sucker: Mateo Vespiacci

    Came across this awesome sucker with private glory hole Def. worth checking out :emoji_thumbsup: Somebody has his fan videos? Âge inconnu. Grosse queue me baise en glory hole. Je le rejoins derrière pour qu’il me termine
  8. T

    Photos & Videos Straight Guys That Eat Cum?

    Looking for videos of straight guys (both solo and MF content in general) where the guy eats his cum. Cum kiss, eating creampie, licking off his fingers, wherever. Anything from solos where the guy seems straight or does mainly straight porn to any MF content where the guy eats his cum. bonus...
  9. guynmn

    Minneapolis At Your Service

    Hi, headed home to MSP and will be in a hotel March 17 to 21 instead of at family’s home. This means PLAYTIME, much needed too. I haven’t had my holes stretched by big cock in over a year. I’m tight and need to be filled. Ddf and fully covid vaccinated (healthcare worker here). Tweet me...
  10. Y

    Why Is Eating Cum So Exciting?

    What about cum makes it so desirable? Sucking cock turns me on, but it's only because I know that I'm trying to get him to cum. Is it the moaning? His dick getting harder and harder? The anticipation knowing that any second you're gonna taste it? I've never encountered anything else so arousing...
  11. S

    Cameron Dallas: Escort To The Stars

    Hey, guys. New to this. Let me know what you think. I plan on adding several new parts with several different partners, but tell me what you like and don’t like and who you might like to see make an appearance. https://my.w.tt/jToUBfKSEbb
  12. D

    Girls Who Love Cum

    Some girls swallow because they’ll get paid more or just because they’re on camera and doing it for show. But some seem to really enjoy swallowing cum. For example, in the first link Ava Addams legit seems like she enjoys cum starting at 5:44 you can see her swallow with ease and a smile. In the...
  13. G

    Swallow Own Cum

    does a Tgirl get aroused by swallowing her own cum? Someone just uploaded a few videos like that to my website, and i keep asking myself that.. https://cumswallowclips.com/cute-trans-swallows-her-own-cum
  14. highr0ll34

    Links Gloryhole Swallow My Private Collection | Hard To Find.

    GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | New Ebony GHS | Private Collection | 1.0 GB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | Eskimo Emma 1 GHS | Private Collection | 945.2 MB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | Rebel n Tabor 1 GHS | Private Collection | 1.0 GB GloryholeSwallow | Keep2Share | UNKNOWN1ST...
  15. JellyBen36

    South Carolina Roll Call!

    Hello! I'm an 18 m who is bi/pan from Charleston, SC. Anyone else nearby?
  16. N

    Cum Swallow Compilation

    Hey guys Anyone have any recommendations for hot twink/twink/jock/geek cum swallow and facial compilation vids? A lot of the ones I’ve found online aren’t brilliant and have really cheesy background music lol
  17. CASizeQueen

    Verbal, Roung Slapping Tops Working Over Sub Cocksuckers

    Bone Head 1 My all time favorite that I wish I could reenact everyday here in LA with some hot man...but until then, anyone got some more hot face wacks, deep throats and swallowed seed video fix i need!!!!
  18. G

    Saving up your cum and freezing it to eat later

    Does anybody do this? I just started doing it about 2 weeks ago and have been beating my cock at least once a day. When I'm about to ejaculate I shoot my load into an old 35 mm film container and put it in the freezer. It's now nearly full and my friend and I are going to have a little...
  19. Capitolhillguy

    Cum inside closed mouth

    I HATE facials. All that waste. These scenes are very rare unless it is some old ugly guy doing it.