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  1. D


    In Osijek and amazed how the sweat pants and I think the DL cruising style? what at a place and guy stood up turned around and showed that beautiful ass i. these green cargos
  2. Diktok

    Photos & Videos Adidas bulges & ass

    Thread created for Adidas lovers, the bulges and butts in Adidas are the best :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. S

    Sweatpants with or without underwear?

    Do you wear your sweatpants/ trackies with or without underwear?
  4. D

    Photos & Videos Guys in Gym Shorts / Sweatpants

  5. Thedrewbert

    Sweatpants Recommendations?

    Anyone have any sweatpants recommendations that are more flattering front and back. So many of them are dumpy and have no shape like they were styled by Georgia Tent and Awning. Not looking for obscene, but don’t mind showing some bulge. Also, absolutely no elastic at the ankles. Immediate...
  6. Marcus8581

    Christopher Buckner - Jersey Shore

    Deena's husband, Chris, caught my eye earlier. Gotta love some grey sweatpants! Link to Video Clip
  7. B

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    I found his page a long time ago but I forgot what it was, does anyone recognize this photo?
  8. H

    Fatih Edis (turkish Hunk)

    Hey guys, do someone here know Fatih Edis? (@fatihedis on Instagram). He has also have a twin. He seems to have a big dick does anyone have more?
  9. A

    Arabs In Sportgear, Voyeur

    Am I the only one who gets a hardon seeing arabs in their sweatpants, white socks and sneakers? I guess I am the only one because nowhere is there a site catering to my needs. into masculine, dominant arabs in sportsgear. especially when speaking arab all links to onlyfans, twitter, IG and...
  10. 7

    My Brother Wears Sweatpants With No Underwear

    Hi Guys, I live with my mum and dad and 3 brothers, one of my brothers always wears sweatpants with no underwear. Even if we are going out, I can see the full definition of his cock. I’m gay but not out but also want to tell him that I can see his dick, but don’t want him to think why is he...
  11. VPL


    New Under Armour pants have arrived. Definitely thin material which leaves little to the imagination. I love them.
  12. Rogan25

    Photo Id This Big Bulge Sweatpants Guy

    who is he?