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  1. Vion

    Celebs worship

    Sad Christmas is almost ending and I'm drunk and all by myself and looking for pals who like to either chat or talk about hot celebs, hot porn performers or even just hot men (meaning: whoever we both find hot). I like to have elaborate discussions and to focus on details, no interest in...
  2. Strawberry17

    Porn - Trying Not To Moan Whilst On Phone

    Hi everyone, Firstly I wasn't sure where to post this so I apologise if this is not the right place. Recently I watched a video of a couple that have sex and then someone rings on the phone. The guy answers the phone but they continue to fuck. The guy that answered the phone tries his hardest...
  3. Isiahsin434

    Do Bisexuals Believe That Gay And Lesbian People Really Closeted Bisexuals?

    Do bisexuals Believe that all gay and lesbian people really closeted bisexuals?
  4. A

    Dl guy looking for friends

    Hey there - I’d love to chat with some guys, gay, straight, or anywhere in between, and create a friendship. I’ve never done anything like this and want some friends to talk with. PM me and id love to chat via email!