tall man

  1. FreezedOut

    Victor Wembanyama - Wemby

    Who has anything on the new basketball sensation, Victor Wembanyama? He's absolutely gorgeous!
  2. britnadian

    My Giant

    So as you might have gathered from my other two stories I have a thing for presumably dominant men who are verse bottoms. What can i say...i like to be in charge. Sometimes ;) I had this incredible experience when I first moved to the city of BLANK with really tall men who were submissive. For...
  3. D

    Brasilian Muscle Guy

    Do anything know who this is? He is 1.94m alturo
  4. 1

    Photos & Videos @putociervo

  5. C

    Photos & Videos Forrest Griffin Fans?

    I can’t be the only one to find him hot in that ugly/cute way! He’s giving me what I need in these rough times!!
  6. eugenio963

    The Handsome @fitnessongwriterjoey

    I don't know more about him except his name, I know his name is Joey oh and of course, he's so hot af , Does anyone have anything about him???
  7. Dan0424

    Abe & Charley - Sean Cody

    Hey. I just wanted to create a threat for this scene because is for real one of my favorites ones. The chemistry between both of them is so high and they look like thy were having the time of their lives. Not to mention that Abe came 4 times. So, what do you think of this scene? Do you think...
  8. 1


    This guy is really tall hot and a deep voice and maybe something more downstairs, anyone found anything on this guy?
  9. S

    German 6‘ 7‘‘ a&f hunk

    Any pics or gossip on this 6‘ 7‘‘ beauty from Nuremberg, Germany?
  10. G

    Giant guy (me) jerking off vid :p

    https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/my-first-video.1413763/ enjoy
  11. G

    Do you like it?

    here s a vid of me relaxing and playing with my tool :P hope you like it https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/my-first-video.1413763/