1. DeDude

    Photos & Videos South Asian Male Beauty (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali/Tamil/Afghan/Iranian/etc) both born and heritage - NO REQUESTS/PROMO/ADDS, please

    Hello all South Asian Male Beauty lovers! A place for posting pics and videos celebrating all these gorgeous men. DO NOT: - Be rude - Spam - Post unrelated content - Request pics/videos from OF, JFF, Discord or any other paid content services - Request leaks of pics/videos - Promote anything...
  2. Jose alle

    sath2es / smluvyo / brown french guy

    Anyone has review of his OF? OF: sath2es / TWITTER: smluvyo / photo from twitter
  3. M

    Akash D Prabhu

    Indian male model In these series of images, i see his vpl in last one only. If anyone get to have any other vpl or nudes. Share it.