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tantric massage

  1. G

    Public Lingam Massage

    Does anyone know if there are any places in the world that offer: Lingam massage, Happy ending massage, Tantric Massage or Naturist Massage … in a public setting? I keep having a recurring dream of lying back on a massage table on a busy Thai beach, as my cock gets massaged. I would also be...
  2. L

    Best Male Masseur In Ireland!

    Hey, Luis here, I'm a 27 year old college student from Nigeria that lives in Dublin. I'm a gay, trans masseur/exotic dancer/cross dresser and have 2 years massage experience and over 7 years dance experience. I can wear whatever you desire, from lingerie to leather and spandex, you imagine it, I...
  3. R

    BrandonAnthony ; naked men's yoga + tantra

  4. L


    Does anybody have anything on Powersofman4life? Focuses on tantric edging and the guys shoot massive loads
  5. 6

    Homme Spa Masajes

    Hello, anyone have full videos of these massages of Homme Spa Masajes ? I find them so exciting. or similar videos Thank you in advance. https://twitter.com/homme_masajes?lang=fr
  6. amixof123

    Nude yoga

    So I've been practicing yoga on and off for a couple of years now. I just recently tried out a class here in Miami that's completely nude and it's only men. (I saw an old thread that made me curious about it so I decided to try it out) It was amazing! It was so relaxing to just be naked and free...