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tattooed guys

  1. cloudstrifee

    Photos & Videos OF: WonderInkBoy, Reddit: Murky-Requirement-87

    Hey everyone, just figured I would make a thread for this guy I found on reddit / OF since I didn't see him on the website already. You can find more of this man here: reddit.com: over 18? as well as here: OnlyFans As of posting this thread (September 24, 2022) he is offering a free trial to...
  2. Danter11


  3. T

    Nickamania42 on tik tok

    Anyone subscribed to this studs OF? Www.onlyfans.com/nwagz
  4. xo69

    ☺️ new here

    Hii I’m new on here & not too familiar but definitely already enjoying content & how positive everyone has been! i do mostly post on my Twitter account @_diablo_69 since I’m already used to it but I’m looking forward to interacting on here
  5. deku21

    Can anyone ID this tattooed guy?

    I found these pics on twitter and the video here on the website, however I can't find him anyhow. Would really appreciate some help!
  6. D

    ID this sexy tattooed Instagram hunk

  7. Zeke-98

    Paul Kelly - Handsome Canadian Model

    He's the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.
  8. yvetall2

    Geri Agushi

    Holy schmokes, I can't believe there are no threads on this model, Geri Agushi. He is so hot! He reminds me of a porn star but I can't find anything in him. Anyone else have any luck? His Instagram is here.
  9. M

    Photo Daniel De Souza?

    Does anyone have anything on this guy frequently seen at Jacob Riis beach in New York City?
  10. Of_Grey_Shades

    Liam Carroll

    This is my favorite TikTok guy and wanted to share who he is to bring more attention his videos. Here are some of my favorites, who else has some videos they like of this stud?
  11. Candydandyboys

    Shistyca - Model

  12. R

    Video Can Anyone Id Them?

    Found these vids on TG, sadly no one replied when I asked about the guys' names
  13. H

    Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Lost his acc but I know he has an onlyfans :(
  14. G

    Gilmer_tattoo Pics From Twitter And Of

    I think he only speaks spanish tho : /
  15. Spartacuss

    Big Harry - Bigharrys Onlyfans

    Here we are, this sexy straight man deserved to have a group. I hope we can all get his videos from onlyfans :p
  16. 1

    Links Who Is This Guy?

    Huge Tattooed Muscle God & Towel Rail - ThisVid.com Does anyone know who this tattooed guy is?
  17. CoffeeandCum

    Let The Sexual Adventures Begin...

    ☕ Naturally furry and playful East Coast Otter who likes to show off his sexual explorations. Let the sexual adventures begin: Looking for fellow travelers to join on the ride. Come take part in enjoying this creative and sexual outlet of mine that was born out of the great quarantine of 2020...
  18. C

    Steve Bane

    Anymore on this thick bull?
  19. C

    Photo Tattooed Hottie Help Id Please

    Hey folks, does anyone know who this sexy guy is? thanks!
  20. E

    Someone Could Tell Me, Who Is This Man?

    Does anyone know where to find more content about it?
  21. S

    Christian Plourde Tik Tok Instagram Model

    I feel like the LPSG community is sleeping on this hottie. Anybody got anything on him?
  22. JayPR

    Tattoos: Tatted Skin Or Bare Skin?

    Do you have any tattoos or want to get them? Are you attracted to people with tattoos or prefer virgin skin? What are your views or preferences on this topic?
  23. S


    Just discovered this cutie. Anyone subscribed to his OF?
  24. BiTatBoy

    Would This Tattoo Put You Off A Guy?

    I mean the one in my avatar - would a woman be put off having sex with a guy if he had this tattoo? Or would you not care? Thanks for answering :)
  25. F

    Does Anyone Knows Who This Jock Is?

    I'm desperately trying to find who this is, i know he got onlyfans but the person uploaded the pic didn't want to tell me
  26. L

    Links Who Is This Tattooed Hunk?

    For some reason I can't post the video, but check out this insanely hot guy with over 1M views! I checked all 494 comments and nobody knows who he is! Can you? https://www.tiktok.com/@amiryassofficial/video/6842845449771175174
  27. R


    Looking for any vids or new content that's not on his IG already?
  28. A

    Id This Guy

  29. 4

    Who Is This Blonde Model With Tattoo?

    Found this online, anyone know who He is?
  30. V

    Jax Jilted

    OnlyFans JaxJilted (18+) (@JJilted) | Twitter