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    Iker Walker

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    Anyone Skype?

    Im 18 from Spain Im searching for mature men to skype and talk :) Add me on skype if u interested: noepvp
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    Link Me Up On Skype :)

    Hi, im eighteen gay teenager from Spain who would like to skype with a daddy. I love mature men lol. Wether someone over 25 would like to do it, add me on skp: noepvp Its not necessary to show up faces, only jerk and that will be fine.
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    One real-life experience

    Hello. My first language is Spanish. Any grammar correction you suggest will be kindly appreciated. I'm writing this first part in a dialectic narration, but the next parts might very well be different. Jealously in my relationship was almost nonexistent, as I had never given him any reason to...
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    Sean price

    Anyone have anything on him?