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  1. Trnwrck


    Anyone got anything from this tiktok guy? tiktok: @jeantristekkj telegram: @happlessthinkle
  2. S

    Can someone help me id this lolliboy

    Does someone know this lolliboy? Saw him on telegram and I just love the shape of his dick.
  3. djsinserbia

    Serbia (Srbija) - Novi Sad

    Any guys from Serbia? 28 yo muscular bro
  4. JATKF

    Can I post my own Telegram link?

    Is there anyway I can post my own official Telegram link or is this not allowed? Many thanks !!
  5. M

    JO/porn buddy in Maryland or telegram

    Hey everyone. I am 27, gay, white, average cock, average build looking for a JO bud or someone to share porn with. Though I’m gay I’m not opposed to watching straight porn, I love MMF or cuckold porn. ESPECIALLY if the two guys are best friends, brother or dad/son. I wanna find a guy who is...
  6. AndyPuche

    David Quintero (soydavidquimer)

    ¿Alguien tiene más información sobre él?
  7. J

    Andypump (facebook)

    Chicos si alguien consigue imágenes o desnudos de este delicioso Hombre por favor compartir Así no ayudamos entre todos, les recuerdo que tiene un telegram privado (Estilo Onlyfans)
  8. PhallicApotheosis

    Video Telegram Videochat- Showoff: Straight Hung Uncut Bwc Mega-grower In Need Of Objectifying Voyeurs

    I am present on a variety of platforms but spend most of my time on telegram where I maintain a channel dedicated to displaying my stunning cock but since it really isn't exhibitionism if it isn’t live, I am constantly on the hunt for new admiring eyes to put on me all throughout the day and...
  9. J

    Nl Dutch And Belgium Nudes Group

    Is there anyone who is willing to start up a dutch/belgian nudes group with me on telegram or lpsg? Mostly twinks and hot guys from grindr and twitter
  10. M

    Telegram Group

    Hi guys, could you add me to telegram groups with guys on onlyfans? I have pics and videos of guys in onlyfans as well, and I could send you if you add me to your groups @cris2342
  11. LucBry

    19, New Here, Australian Mixed Filipino & Spanish

    Hey everyone! Not really sure what to post but i’m out here looking to make some new mates. I’m mostly straight but i’ve had a recent encounter with a close friend of mine which kind of made me question and explore myself. Looking for people maybe be friends with and see where it goes! Ask...
  12. L

    Jesus Cruz

    Hi there! I noticed that Jesus Cruz (@jesuscruz1027) just made an onlyfans account! I've been dreaming about him naked for years, so now I'd like to know if you got his content, if so, please share it. Thanks.
  13. G

    Milwaukee Pic/vid Exchange

    Anyone want to start a Milwaukee telegram group for trade?
  14. N


    Hey guys. Can anyone recommend good gay porn telegram groups? Especially straight, jocks, twinks. Horny as fuck
  15. chetboner7

    Penis Pumping, Pe, Or Stretching - Telegram Group Chat

    https://t.me/joinchat/AcnCQhq0_XMpj-79_XWAuQ <--- Group link I made group chat on Telegram (which is better than skype or whatsapp btw) about Penis Pumping, PE, or dick stretching. Join and post your questions, results, or progress!
  16. chetboner7

    Telegram Groups And Channels List For Gay, Curious, Bi Dudes

    Telegram is quickly overtaking Snapchat and Whatsapp. Safer, encrypted, and awesome stickers are winning over the mass of people! Here are links I've gathered (and help create like the LSPG Media group) for everyone to enjoy! Do share them and post them! I have a private channel you can follow...
  17. 0

    Anyone Willing To Invite Me To Some Interesting Telegram Groups?

    Feel free to PM me on here or on telegram if you have any links. My telegram account is @Shagstr0 I don't really mind what kind of groups you send me, as long as it's interesting.
  18. MAtoNY33

    Links All Things Telegram

    With all of this social distancing that we all need to do because of COVID-19, let's create a master thread of telegrams for picture/video sharing so that we can all have fun and pleasure. These can be topic based (onlyfans, fitness, exposure, big digs, sex, blowjobs, handjobs, masturbation...
  19. Bryan Flynn

    Telegram Usernames

    I am bryankeithflynn
  20. 1

    Someone on telegram?

  21. lxfreeballerboy

    Whatssap/telegram exhibtionists

    Hey guys! Is there any whatsapp or telegram group for guys who are into exhibitionism or freeballing, if don't post your number or DM me, I'll start one
  22. chetboner7

    Telegram lpsg group chats (posting cocks, and talking)

    Okay, so I know you guys like to use Skype, Kik, and snapchat. But I wanted to share Telegram because I use it for security, like encryption and the ease use of groups. Telegram is an app, but it has an online/Google Chrome login portal at web.telegram.org My Telegram username is: Chetboner7...
  23. D

    Telegram x users

    Is any other lpsg member using the telegram x app. Ucko247