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  1. L

    Thames Puripat

    Does anyone know or have anything on this sexy, muscled Asian guy named Thames Puripat? I believe he is from Bangkok, Thailand. He has a tiktok with a reasonable following and he posts his body quite frequently. Love his look
  2. jamiesanti14

    asians Twitter videos

    Hiii. Posting a thread of videos of asian sex encounters
  3. S

    Aun roengchai

    Login • Instagram
  4. C

    Jeans Ashitawat - Instagram Model

  5. I

    Bangkok M2M massage - share experiences, places, LINE ID

    It’s always amazing to get a M2M massage in Bangkok. However I feel like In the last few years it’s gotten harder (as a tourist) to discover places to get them. There used to be lists and reviews but as far as I can tell they all got outdated and many shops closed or moved. I thought in an LPSG...
  6. S

    Bigbank thai model to onlyfans

  7. D

    Help Id A Thai Model

    Does someone know who he is and his IG? Also if he's got any nudes, will greatly appreciate it thanks!
  8. M

    Any Fit Guy In Samui?

    Fit guy currently in Samui looking to meet some other guys while on the island. PM me!
  9. K

    Nickittipat (thailand)

    Are there any good jo videos?
  10. YoungCock1234

    The Ethical Dilemma Of Herpes

    Hey y'all. tl,dr; in what way should someone change their sexual behavior when they (probably) have herpes? ... I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes aka HSV-2. The doctor said that his visual diagnosis is only about 80% accurate, but they didn't ask if I wanted the swab test when I...
  11. L

    Does Anyone Know The Story Behind These Pictures?

  12. KuroXShiro

    Is Sarawat Top Or Bottom?

    คืนนี้มึงนอนกับกูนะ | เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series Dom or Sub?
  13. Leghunter

    Leghunter’s Fucking Adventures Around The World.

    These are my chronicles of fucking girls around the world. From Australia to Europe, across the Middle East to Asia, each adventure is unique and memorable. My first adventure starts in Salzburg Austria. (1). Back in 2008 I did a two weeks self driving tour of Austria. One of the places I...
  14. warethhh

    Chanayut Supeera (thai Model)

    can i post his photos and videos? is he 18 in this lol
  15. 1

    Koen Danai - Thai Singer &model

    Anyone have nudes of him, he's been on the downlow until earlier this year he married his husband in UK, where they currently live.