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the voice

  1. Lumix552

    Gautier The Voice

    I dont know if you knew him Gautier Rmrqs from Thé Voice France If you havé others pictures post them !
  2. T

    Taylor John Williams (The Voice)

    A long shot here, but anyone have anything of this former The Voice contestant? I’ve had the most obscure crush on him since he was on the show about 7 years ago haha. Very cute and charming. Also has some pretty great music that’s very underappreciated if that interests anyone. A couple of...
  3. Bman27

    Matt Evans (the Voice Australia)

    Hiya guys, does anybody have anything on the insanely attractive Matt Evans, who auditioned on The Voice Australia this year? Rumour has it, he is openly bisexual and i’m in love with his beautiful eyes. Insta is - MattEvansMusic x
  4. T

    Alex Guthrie From The Voice

    Has anyone else seen this guy and fallen in love? He's gorgeous with an amazing voice. I doubt there's anything out there, but would kill to see more of him.
  5. Bman27

    Mitch Paulsen - The Voice Au

    Does anyone find him attractive?
  6. miggyluce

    Keith thomas

    Keith Thomas Keith Thomas (@iamkeiththomas) • Instagram photos and videos 6'8" model based in California, also played basketball for local team.