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    Theguysite Siterip

    The website is down and I've seen the memorial uploads, but it doesn't have all the videos. Is there an archive where I could watch all of them, or download them on a different torrent site? Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    Posing Double Biceps At Cumshot

    I have come across many solo videos at the guy site where the talent flexes both his arms striking a double biceps pose while oozing out yummy cum out of his hard dick. Such solo videos turn me on far strongly than anal sex videos. I am most turned on by cum eating videos and next is these sort...
  3. E

    Photo "seth" From The Guy Site

    The Guy Site, which is usually dire, actually has a model who's worth a post. His name is "Seth", but does anyone know anything more about him? He admits to being bisexual, but from his voice...he sounds totally gay. He's also got two very distinctive tattoos, so does anyone recognize "Seth"...
  4. D

    Photo Perfect And Muscular Body

    Hello! He’s Jack from theguysite. I think this guy is so hot and studly. His body is beefy and hairy muscle. If i knew his real name or if he has social media; Twitter, onlyfans, etc. It would help.
  5. F

    Bj from tgs?

    Hey guys do you guys know who he is? He also has videos on Pornhub (more recent) where he cums hands-free... Army Guy - The Guy Site