1. Ray3

    Photos & Videos Olivier De Long - Monstercock

    Was fortunate to find this man and his incredibly thick cock a while back. He used the name Olivier De Long for his appearance in a video for Men of Montreal. His cock is so beautifully thick that it's literally not fair. Please enjoy this collection of studio photos and snapshots as well as a...
  2. D

    My softie needs attention.

    What to do when your flaccid is bigger than most mens erections?
  3. Ray3

    Guy With Thicc Cock (id?)

    Hi everyone, So a few years ago (probably 2014/2015) I found this video of a guy with such a beautifully big dick. I ended up losing the video and then recently found it again. I think I first found this video on XVIDEOS and it was titled something along the lines of "teen jerks off big dick...
  4. D

    Hung Polish Guys ?

    Are Polish guys known for being hung ? Seems every Polish gut I encounter is 8-9 in uncut and crazy thick. Can anyone help prove it?