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  1. W

    Deepthroat in Philly? Kik: queerxfun

    Looking for a guy in Philadelphia, PA who loves a nice deepthroat to edge him and grow huge in a throat before he explodes. This is a pic of me throating my fwb from South Philly. Let's make it happen. Kik: queerxfun
  2. Untitled


  3. RutujaGoddess

    Adventures in a train

    So recently I was travelling intrastate, which took me a overnight train journey. I was getting bored and the phone connection wasn't stable. There was this cute hunk sitting in my compartment who was staring me with lusty eyes and a cute smile. After dinner, he went to the washroom signaling...
  4. K

    Living_wenslawski On Instagram

    Anyone have anything on him/know his? He’s so fucking hot
  5. 3

    Big French Cock 7.5x6.5 Inch

  6. 2

    Impressive Thick Cock

    I love showing off myself. And read your comments
  7. 2

    I Am Giving You My Cock Sizes Honestly

    Here my cock's all size details. What do you think honestly about my size? 7.25 inch length, 6 inch middle girth, 6.5 inch base girth and 2.1 inch thickness 22560512246801224684122468312256061
  8. 1

    Let's Compare Me With Manuel Ferrara And Nacho Vidal. Just Wondering

  9. 1

    Is That Enough?

    What's your thoughts?
  10. 1

    Big And Thick Cock

    Hi guys, What do you think about my cock?