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tighty whities

  1. Justhere0976

    ID this man

    Someone please
  2. V


    Hi, I couldn't find anything on LPSG related to this website, so I guess I'll just ask here. There used to be this website called underwearstuds.com which seems to have had lots of videos of guys in their underwear, doing like household tasks (often with boners), but also jacking off and...
  3. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Justsomeonlyguy (OF, Reddit, Twitter, etc)

    So one of my favorite OF creators left like 5 months ago and deleted everything except his twitter (which is empty) His handle is in the title and from this I managed to recover some things, if anyone reading also knows him and has his postings, please share :> thx!
  4. D

    Dudes in Briefs

    Couldn't find a thread like this so here we go. I love wearing them and I love seeing guys wear them. They are the perfect type of underwear that compliments male physique and shows it in its full glory. Here we can share some photos of guys wearing briefs and appreciate them together.
  5. S

    Briefs And Tighty Whities.

    I only wear briefs and tighty whities and love wearing them. Are there any other lads that enjoy wearing them?
  6. S

    Hi From U.k. 30’s Lad

    Hi I’m from the U.K. I have a 5 1/2 inch erect cock and I’m circumcised. I like wearing briefs and tighty whities.
  7. R

    Tighty Whities Wedgies

    Anyone into this kink? I have seen alot of youtubers do them recently.
  8. D

    What are your views on briefs/tighty whities

    I have been briefs or tighty whities for most of my life and i was wondering what others thought about them.