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toxic masculinity

  1. P

    Thoughts On Toxic Masculinity?

    Is it hard for a heterosexual man to fit into the macho culture or standard definition of being a man . Such as being seen as a masculine figure , and representing dominance, ect. I have heterosexual friends who act in public as the straight football players who are jocks . While in closed...
  2. B

    Kevin James Bodybuilder Infodump

    Short bodybuilder and Marine with cute face and fragile alpha personality. Perfect if you get off to toxic masculinity and guys who are jacked to compensate for their little dicks, but get distracted by how political Davy Michael is. Had a confederate flag tattoo, but had it done over, so that’s...
  3. JayPR

    Why So Many Men Are Triggered By The Term Toxic Masculinity?

    I've noticed that men, especially straight men, don't belive toxic masculinity is a thing and get very defensive when someone uses the term and call it a problem in our society. To clarify, masculinity and being masculine are fine, the issue we are discussing is toxic masculinity which is...