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  1. Neil_official

    ID of this hunk? PLS!

    Pls help me ID this guy. I can't find anything on him on twt bc the twt page I got this from didn't tag him. Also couldn't find anything on reverse image search :(
  2. Taty56


    Hello, I am a model from Ukraine. My main work is psycology, but I am love with hot photosessions where I can show my body and see the reaction of people. What do you think about my photos? You can find link for my nudes into my profile too
  3. C

    im 19, smooth, submissive, and home alone! i want to go on cam for you :P

    i like edging, joi, porn, daddy/son, dom/sub, and toys! add me on skype if you want to talk more about it, maybe i could go on cam for like 2-3 people :P if u know any groups, let me know as well :) im slim, smooth, a little hung i guess, and can be very submissive Join conversation
  4. M

    Solosexual - chats, stories, photos, videos, etc.

    Noticed that we have dedicated forums for straight, gay, bi, trans, and even asexual, but not solosexual. Only a thread that’s been dead for 5 years. Maybe this thread can act like a common room for all things solosexual related (chats, photos, videos, ads, etc.). I’ve seen people reduce...
  5. T

    Anal inflatables suggestions

    I'm looking for an inflatable butt plug/anal balloon pump, looking for suggestions. Had previous experience with https://amzn.to/3Nqrqv2, looking for something better (can be same or different form factor). Thanks in advance!
  6. S

    What is the best stimulating lube?

    What is the best stimulating lube in your opinion?
  7. will_miller

    CockBlock sex toy for enhanced frotting

    Saw someone on Reddit mention a toy for a couple with cocks to use together called the CockBlock which I thought looked pretty interesting. Just thought I'd share it here because I hadn't heard of it before and I think it could enhance the sex lives of couple who don't like anal. CockBlock Link
  8. O

    Homemade Dildo - Any Recommendations?

    Hi, I really wanted to try dildo with my partner, but we are not sure if it will work. There comes the question, do anyone of you can recommend if carrot or cucumber in condom with lube is better? We are looking for something beginner friendly ;)
  9. JasonPharae

    Fleshlight/fleshjack Users: Maintenance/assembly Question

    In my fleshjack (turbo ice) there's a hard plastic ring which is supposed to fit somewhere near the open ("orifice") part. I never noticed it before because it was firmly attached, but it recently came loose and I can't figure out how to put it securely back in place. If I try to just press it...
  10. ZetaZetaZ

    Home Made Sex Toys

    Ideas for some homemade sex toys ... have you ever used them? Pics..., "instructions" ...?
  11. str8subjock

    19 M Curious Jock With A Virgin Hole Needs Teaching...

    Need to learn how to serve from a verbal, fit, dom/alpha/daddy type. Only have had sexual experiences with girls IRL. I have toys. Kinks include cum inside, feet/socks, and obviously training my hole to take cock one day. I have skype for C2C and am open to using other video chats. I have...
  12. H

    Amazon Sextoy

    Hey, I'm looking for some rather minimalistic though efficent sextoys on Amazon I'd like to buy a prostate stimulator and cock rings Any recommandations?
  13. L

    Prostate Massager On Skype

    Love using my prostate massager on Skype with other guys who also use toys while camming Lukewyatt2004
  14. S

    Toys For Boys

    What toys do you recommend and why?
  15. S

    Orgasm Therapy

    Hi, Trying to find this vid in beter quality and looking for the name of these actrices. Somebody can help me? Orgasm Therapy
  16. D

    Video Best Fleshlight Or Similar Fucking Videos

    Seeing gay/straight/bi guys fuck their toys(Fleshlight, homemade dolls, fake pussy/ass, Venus 2000) is a super turn on for me. Cumming inside them is a bonus. Let's see these videos :)!
  17. skypeass28

    Addicted To Ass(play)

    This thread is for guys who are mad about the male ass: bubble butts, ass in jockstrap, tight holes, loose lips, ass stretching, dildoes and plugs, fisting, ass show off, ass in lycra, ass in panties, ... Looking for skype webcam sessions with: - tops who like to see some hot round ass in gear...
  18. Pamelajayx

    Covid19 Fucks

    Yeah it fucks lol Fucks lol
  19. D

    Head Size And Toys

    Does anyone else have any trouble with fitting their head inside of toys? Like vibrators or anything like that. I can barely get mine in sometimes, and it takes away from the pleasure.
  20. B

    Toys To Stretch My Hole

    Hey guys, recently I got into having my ass played with. Unfortunately, there’s barely anyone in my area to “help” me so I’ve resorted to using toys. What toys would you guys recommend? And what is your favorite toy? post pics if you can :D
  21. belgiansub27

    In Chastity, Milking In Thongs

  22. D

    Guys Fucking Toys

    Like these 2 vids. First no cumshot, second has a lot of background noise with cumshot.
  23. D

    Fucking Toys

    Any other vids like these 2? First one no cumshot, 2nd one has a lot of backgound noise but with cumshot.
  24. 1

    What Is This Toy

    Does anyone know what this toy is called, this girl wants to use it on me sometime.
  25. 1

    Video Best Dildo Videos/photos

    Share your favorite dildo videos/photos...
  26. 9

    Looking A Remote Playmate To Make Her Cum

    We use the Lovense vibrator during play time. It can be controlled by others with an account. We are looking for someone to play with remotely. If you have experience with this let us know. 194281
  27. R


    So wife and I had a heart to heart about sex this week and She said she wants to get a strap on for me. Lol. I loved the idea, however I have never played with strap ons. She saw one that is held in place inside her vagina and loved it. Does anyone know of these work well? What would you guys...
  28. S

    Showing off my slutty ass.

    Just a kinky gay slave who loves to wear panties and show off his ass for other people to see.
  29. W

    Photo Cowsgomoo101

    Anyone have anything on this guy? Videos or anything. Someone said he rode a plug on a private stream. His name on chaturbate is cowsgomoo101
  30. P

    Craft project: makeshift temporary chastity

    I've been experimenting with solitary chastity recently. I purchased a polycarbonate cage by Mancage at a local shop, based on the stated measurements on the box. The largest of four rings was listed as 60mm, which should fit albeit very tightly. To my dismay, that was the OUTSIDE diameter...