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  1. Mattfromhawaii

    Photos & Videos Does anyone know who this is? Pls & TY

    Saw this on Twitter recently and have had the hardest time trying to find the original. Or actually, I've found it on another site and Twitter forget which first, but either way didn't lead me anywhere. I've also found this new trick of using Google to search for similar frames in a video (or...
  2. H

    Photos & Videos Can someone please ID/identify this amateur actor?

    Ok so I have encountered slight clips involving a man usually wearing a hi vis jacket with a red t shirt often fucking twinks in what seems like an office. The linked pic and videos: I am 50% certain that it might be a british man. But if anyone can find conclusive info or source, I'd be...
  3. L


    Anybody got anything on Tiktoker Barryisdossing
  4. C

    Walt Collins (Aus)

    Anyone have anything on Walt Collins? He's a TV presenter down under. Meaty, gorgeous man! Login • Instagram
  5. J

    Good looking in Manchester 4 discreet

    Good looking gym fit 28 year old in Manchester, looking to suck of discreet / straight / curious guys, ideal types: tradies, married men, Uber / taxi drivers, military. But open, drop me a line with your stats. Based in the green quarter.
  6. J


    Can we take a moment to appreciate how dreamy Jimbo the Electrician is - can be found on TikTok, Twitter and Insta.
  7. P

    30yo aussie chubby dude for tradie c2c

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  8. P

    30yo chubby dude for tradie

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  9. F

    Jordanreece01-OF / jrc01_-TW

    Does anyone subscribe to his OF? He might be the first I actually pay for :imp:
  10. G

    Tradieaus1 Twitter

    Can anyone provide info on this man? He is an Adonis. https://twitter.com/TradieAus1?t=XM3azTeT_55bPd2P7O8AoA&s=09
  11. B

    Id This Dude

    Found on a twitter that posted clips without credut & no onlyfans mark. would love to see more ;)
  12. J


    Anyone got any pics or videos of this Australian hottie? @westy_1993 A hot tradie
  13. M

    Photos & Videos Toddy_xxx

    Does anyone by any chance have any videos etc from this sexy guys only fans? Would really appreciate anyone sharing please Fit tradie with a big cock and pounds hard
  14. jaywks

    "logan dodds" - kiwi plumber & influencer

    Super sexy plumber from New Zealand Logan Dodds. Anything interesting on him? Insta @Logan_dodds
  15. P

    Photo Anyone know who he is?

    Is he aussie? Does anyone know him or have anymore pics of him? Do you have any other got tradies?
  16. 1


    Sucks when landlord hirers straight guys!