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  1. D

    PLEASE educate me, conflicted about trans topic.

    Hi fam, I'm a gay man in my 20s. I grew up in a very small town surrounded by closed minded people, so when I got the chance to escape that hell I did and became as open, embracing and accepting as I could. Moving to a major city for school I finally accepted myself and my mental health...
  2. Janirs

    Greetings, New Here !! Cuban Brazilian Transwoman In Phoenix

    Greetings to all ! I am Cuban Brazilian Transwoman in the Phoenix area looking to make friends with Men who are Very well Endowed. Xoxox
  3. S

    Ftm cock

    Where you sexy ftm at?! I'm horny and ready to trade some pics.
  4. S

    Love ftm

    If there any FTM out there that wanna trade nudes, I'm totally down. Ftm men get my dick real wet.