1. freenjelly

    Jammidodger (Jamie Raines)

    Anything on this hottie?
  2. freenjelly

    Sam Collins (YouTuber)

    Any hot pics of this cutie?
  3. Joshua.Martiny

    Looking For Ftm In Los Angeles, Ca

    I'm a 27yo guy. Hoping to connect with some local FTMs who'd like to have some fun. I'm hoping to find a regular FWB. I'm 5'9 and I'm about 7.5 cut.
  4. Joshua.Martiny

    La Male For Transguy

    I know trans guys r usually really horny. I'm looking for a sexy boyish type. Looking to get off together. Cool with eating that kitty or penetration if your cool with that. We can take things slow and by just meeting and rubbing one together. Prefer a reg but dwn for a one time thing. Just...
  5. Isiahsin434

    Do You Find Pregnant Transmen Transphobic?

    Because these trans man use their women’s sexual organs to have a baby and there some trans men who are mad about that because it reminds them they are still women no I’m not saying this in transphobic way
  6. Isiahsin434

    Do Gay Trans Man Trans Men Think They Are Better Than Biological Gay Men Because They Have A Pussy?

    Because I see a lot of gay trans man porn stars saying that they better biological gay men because they have a pussy and that they can’t get STDs And a lot of bio gay men are getting upset about that
  7. Joshua.Martiny

    Los Ángeles Ftm

    any transguys here in LA?