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  1. P

    Fun things to do in Köln - Cologne

    Hey I’m traveling to Köln very soon and I would like to know what's fun to do there like spa, gay bar, cruising etc any recomandations ?

    Will be traveling out to Portland!

    Birthday is coming up, heading out to Portland for the first time ever. Looking for recommendations and places to see and be Love a good dive bar and live music.

    Los Angeles looking to service (men-serious only)

    Expert cock sucker here with very no gag reflux. Can host during the day and can travel anytime. I'm clean, sti free and neg, covid vaxed, easy going and go with the flow attitude, no drama, won't bother and very discrete, respect boundaries, not looking for reciprocation, enjoy sucking dick...
  4. C

    Visiting San Francisco

    Heading to San Francisco for work. 43 bi male. Looking for recommendations- bars, spas - any other tips for some fun.
  5. N


    Hello everyone! I will be coming to Berlin soon with a friend. I'm bi and my friend is straight (but very open-minded) and I'd like to show him the nightlife of Berlin... I only came once a long time ago, do you have any advice on what gay, bi or straight parties/clubs to absolutely go to...
  6. D

    This may seem a little weird... but... (Vancouver and area)

    I'm a 56 year old gay guy with a partner of 13 years who I do not live with and we do not spend a lot of time together, except for the occasional weekend with friends. I spend most of the time by myself, either working from home, or doing things on my own. The pandemic has hit us hard and my...
  7. Milfalicious

    Size Queen in Colorado and Arizona. But travel! (Or just come to me)

    I'm an experienced size queen. On the hunt for the biggest always If you want to see more I'm on FetLife as -girlnextdoor- I don't check this site as often as it's never produced for me unfortunately :(
  8. R

    Bali - Male to Male - Gay - Massage / Escort Service

    Hey guys! Has anyone tried the massage spas for men in Bali? I’m just curious how things work in there considering the country. what was your experience? Care to share?
  9. Il2wu51

    A Memorable Flight: Mr. Window, Mr. Aisle, & FA VPL

    It was a travel day, a Monday, and I didn't expect to be aroused. Headed to "Jersey" for a few days of meetings. For some reason though the atmosphere was charged with sexual anticipation. Upgraded to business, I was soon seated on my flight, I immediately noticed the guy in the right aisle seat...
  10. C

    Visiting Mexico - Friends Meetup

    My partner and I are traveling around Mexico in March, and would love to make friends and meet people along the way. We'll be in in the following places: Mexico City: March 14-23rd Puerto Vallarta: March 23rd to 28th Merida: April 01st to 07th If you plan on being there, hit us up! We're...
  11. R

    Oslo, Norway Saunas

    Hi all, I'm planning a trip to Oslo in a few months and would love to go to as many saunas as possible. I've read traveller advice that says saunas "are generally separated" but wondered if anyone can suggest any saunas from personal experience? Looking to be naked around other guys and not...
  12. Theriad

    Barcelona Trip - Beachhunt

    Hey Guys, Travelling solo to Barcelona next week (05-09.07.2021) and I'm just curious if any locals/visitors are willing to meet up for a (naked) splash? :D Honestly, I'm just not sure what to expect if I go for a swim with all my stuff left at the beach and I don't want any nasty...
  13. swalke52

    Lgbtqi+ In Europe - Facebook

    Hi All, Quick introduction, hopeful travel restrictions will be lifted soon which will mean a lot of us will start taking holidays again in the future, we want to create a safe space for people to ask questions about the areas in Europe best to visit (LGBTQI+ friendly) Feel free to join if you...
  14. gymnistes

    Airbnb/misterbnb Hosts

    Hey guys ;) let’s start a thread with guys who host other guys on misterb&b, airbnb, naturistbnb, couchsurfing etc :) especially nudist guys, clothing optional stays To start off, i found this hottie in madrid: he hosts nude guys Big room with private bathroom at the centre of Madrid |...
  15. Z

    Photo Jonas Act (german Youtuber)

    Cute guy. Apparently his dick popped out in one video, but unfortunately it's censored. He even showed his ass in the last picture. He's the guy in the middle (5th from left). https://www.youtube.com/c/JonasAct/videos https://www.instagram.com/jonasact/
  16. Z

    Photo Bybjarne / Bjarne Rademacher (german Youtuber)

    He uploaded some videos a few years ago about his backpacking trips around the world. https://www.youtube.com/c/ByBjarne/videos https://www.instagram.com/bybjarne/ https://www.instagram.com/bjarnerademacher/
  17. PorscheHusky

    New Chap In Town

    I was talked into giving this a go, so here I am! :) I can be rather meek and avoidant the majority of times but it'll subside eventually. If you'd like to get the gist of why pulled the trigger to join here, a briefing can be found on my profile's description. But for now... Salutations...
  18. G

    Travel Idea For St. Petersburg/tampa Beach Area-gay Scene

    I know there used to be a forum for travel destinations and advice, but I don't see it, so apologies if I am out of place here. I am asking for anyone who can recommend a place to stay (on or near beach preferably, not necessarily a gay resort, any nice hotel is fine) and things to do as far as...
  19. R

    Mexico City

    anybody live in Mexico City? trying to talk to someone, maybe even an expat. Thinking of potentially moving there
  20. N

    Hot Pilots Or Flight Attendants?

    Seen a lot of hot young pilots on Instagram...anybody got any favorites? Or other flight crew?
  21. DyneSlave4Master

    Looking For Job / Check The Post <

    Hello. as we can see the site is for reviewing ''toys'' but I have to ask something a little different. I'm ready to travel anywhere to begin a new life somewhere out of my country. But, I'd love to get advice or help for finding job first so I can get sure for myself that it will be not...
  22. 1

    Any Hung Guys For Chubbies?

    I am 28 and chubby. I'm from Ohio, USA. Will be in the Amsterdam, NL area from March 5 - March 17.
  23. D

    Anyone Going To Dominican Republic

    I am a 25-year-old Dominican gay man, masculine, attractive, educated, very versatile with an 18cm cock and a well-placed Caribbean ass. If you plan to travel to the Dominican Republic, and you find the idea of being a funny nomad next to a Latino who likes the party, send me a message. I like...
  24. Glimey

    Dean Around The World

    Part 1: Tokyo Another city, another hotel room. After 15 years in the business, hosting his 4th travel TV show, Dean had seen too many hotels. And they all blurred together. Didn’t matter if you were in Madrid, Martinique, or Michigan — they were all the same, from the bland carpet to the...
  25. D

    Man Seeks Man In Dominican Republic

    Versatile boy, masculine, 18cm cock and very discreet. If you know someone who is traveling to the Dominican Republic, please pass me your contact.2494571
  26. D

    Man Seeks Man In Dominican Republic

    2494571Versatile boy, masculine, 18cm cock and very discreet. If you know someone who is traveling to the Dominican Republic, please pass me your contact.
  27. anotherxy

    London June 19-26

    London LPSG-ers... I'll be coming for a visit next month, and would love to meet! Also appreciate recommendations (food, drink, fun). Am curious about the gay scene as well (clubs, bars, cruising)
  28. anotherxy

    Paris June 11-19

    Will be in Paris on vacation. Looking for some recommendations... and some fun, of course ;) Anyone interested? Also curious about gay bars/clubs/cruising scene (if any).
  29. Cauan Zaetti

    I Will Travel To New York, California And Washington Next Month

    Anyone can accommodate this poor Brazilian? Haha
  30. J

    Matty jones aka magicmattyxxs

    British Dwarf Striper who performs in Magaluf, Spain etc. He is a professional stripper and therefor over 18 years of age. Personal social Media Snapchat: matthewjones19 Instagram: matthewjones5042 Snapchat run by management: magaluf_dwarf