1. TXMascSubBro

    Wayward Masc White Sub Bottom in TX looking for a Man To Host Me and Make Me A Cumdump for Week or Two

    :imp::imp::imp: I want to be able to travel somewhere to someone who is interested in an aspiring cumdump that is a white masc bro type guy. I am down to get used bb by other men and guys who want to get me horned up with poppers porn 420 and whatnot and just turn me into a complete fuckboy to...
  2. coryv1975

    Head for huge cocks in Iowa/Missouri

    Hey there! I live right near the border of Iowa/Missouri on I-35. I know a lot of people travel between Des Moines and Kansas City and go right by me. The only thing better than sucking a big dick is sucking two lol!
  3. ramblk1

    Any Recommendations For Good Sites For Meeting . . . .

    Does anyone have any good sites that they want to share to find big to huge dicks to play with? I am looking for individuals who want to play on the side.