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  1. 1buddie

    Tricked Straight guys Tumblr complete videos

    What happened to the first thread.? Has anyone gotten a full vid?
  2. B

    Hiddencocksucker Hotladsworld

    Anyone have vids from user hiddencocksucker before they were banned from hotladsworld? Always had the best videos!
  3. L

    Straightboyz Sbz

    Anyone have any videos of Trace from the site? I'm looking for hookup 485
  4. T

    Street Feet Fans

    it’s so hot when straight guys get tricked Into showing their Sexy sweaty feet on the street or reluctantly apply to het their their feet Worshiped for the money (then realize they like it) Previous thread: Graham H Foot Vidoes?
  5. 1

    Spider Prank Videos

    Does anyone know where these videos came from or who made them? Basically this dude tells a str8 guy he has a spider on him and then gets them to expose their asses. I've been finding them all over the internet for a while now but can never find the source.