1. demonslayer4

    Tristan Tate

    (yes thats andrew tate's brother. yes i wanna see him naked)
  2. C


    Tristan stripper
  3. G

    Tristan Blane

    He turned 18 yesterday and god damn he is so fineeee
  4. L

    Tristan Paredes, Youtuber's; Vocalcoach React

    Hi Guys So i want to start a thread for youtuber Tristan Paredes, he is just so good looking to me and i really fancy him. So i hope we can gather some pics together! i havent been able to find some bulging or shirtless pics of him XO
  5. Luke-741

    Tristan Edwards

  6. N

    Jigginwithjordan and yappy_twan_twan

    Two absolutely gorgeous men who search rivers and lakes for treasure and stuff. They're southern Georgia boys. I've been obsessed with them. They were cheerleaders and straight, but they're always in semi gear or their underwear Brandon Jordan (@brandonmjordan) • Instagram photos and videos...