1. L

    Pit Stop

    Well before COVID-19, I took an epic road trip across the US. I'd finished my uni course, and I was looking for adventure. I often found myself in crazy situations, but this day I had one of the craziest. Driving across the border in to Texas, I had a long drive between New Orleans and Houston...
  2. blackmencam

    Truck Public Places Onlyfans

    Hello! Here we can share onlyfans of truckers, public places sex, cruising...
  3. ramblk1

    Any Recommendations For Good Sites For Meeting . . . .

    Does anyone have any good sites that they want to share to find big to huge dicks to play with? I am looking for individuals who want to play on the side.
  4. ramblk1

    Roll Call In Dmv

    Masculine men in DC
  5. teddybaerli1

    Photo Truckers- Hot And Horny!

    Are you fascinated by big trucks? Or even by those truck drivers? Then this new thread might be fun for you. Let's post hot material that makes fantasies come true. Maybe that kind of anonyme sex, truck stop glory holes, sex in and out of trucks. Sleazy truckers. Hope you enjoy those men on the...