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  1. FKATrade

    Ryan Foley: Hot Christian Fundamentalist.

  2. J

    Jaydon Zeledon

    Hey I’m looking for some nudes of him. I know I have some but nothing good! anyone?
  3. nolbaby

    The Big Lie

    A lot of twitter-educated people have, from minute 1, accused anybody who questioned the 2020 presidential election of being at best a conspiracy theorist and at worst a white supremacist on a mission to overthrow America. I'm sure this post will be met with raging accusations of right wing...
  4. L

    Any Actual Trump Supporters?

    I'm not a Trump supporter myself but I have always been curious to know how many conservatives, particularly those supportive of the far-right Trump, would belong to sex-positive and LGBTQ-accepting platforms.
  5. L

    Political Harassment Kink - Trump Lovers, Please

    Hello, I am a very intentionally progressive person and typically support candidates a bit left of the Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders. All that said, I came across a Tumblr last year (that's since been removed) that had great captioned sissy shots about a Trump-supporting Real American man...
  6. Yes.No.Whatever

    2020 Vp Debate - Pence Vs Harris

    White House Covid-19 outbreak overshadows vice-presidential debate Mike Pence has his work cut out for him against Kamala Harris as polls indicate that many Americans have lost faith in the president.
  7. N

    Right Wing Supporters For Trump

    Calling all the right wing people. This is the thread for you. Discuss all your right wing views here. This thread is being created because it has been requested.
  8. spaj8987

    Predictions After The Impeachment Trial Ends.

    What are your predictions after this trial is over. Either if trump is pushed out of office or if trump is allowed to stay in office. What do you think will happen? Personally, i think if he's pushed out republicans will mostly be voted out. That democrats and independents will use republican's...
  9. Capitolhillguy

    Stopped Watching The News

    I was addicted to the news for the first 2 years of the Trump dictatorship, especially after the Democrats took over the House. About 6 weeks ago all of a sudden I just got tired of not seeing the Democrats being able to reign in Putin's puppet and stopped with the news. My sense of well being...
  10. Bardox

    The Left Continues To Push For Segregation...

    University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity | The College Fix Another example of the fringe left putting out racist rhetoric trying to segregate universities. The "inclusionary listening sessions" described by this particular band of...
  11. W

    School shooting survivor: thank you, donald trump!

    "So many wonderful selections to choose from… Thank you @Potus" - David Hogg Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg thanks Donald Trump for all his damaging tweets against unhinged right wing Republican Ted Cruz (now an opportunist Trump ally) for raising the funds needed to display...
  12. G

    Kathy griffin's tour

    Kathy Griffin performed in Los Angeles last week--she did a three hour set that detailed the fall-out from the photo she took holding Trump's bloody head. She was essentially blacklisted and harassed by right wing trolls. She also dished a lot of good dirt. Here is a blog that discusses her...
  13. Fuzzy_

    Why does trump lie so much?

    Trump shattered his dishonesty record making 103 false claims last week -- 15 per day. Trump was averaging 101 false claims per month, but just did 103 in a single week. His previous record for a week was 60. Trump is now at 1,829 false claims during his presidency. His average is 3.5 lies...
  14. brody

    Trade war between the us and eu?

    Trump started it all with tariffs on European steel and aluminium, then the European Union answered with tariffs on American goods like motorcycles, whiskey and peanut butter, and now Trump has threatened with tariffs on European cars - ouch that is gonna hurt! This might lead to an actual trade...