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tumblr boy

  1. G

    @florianteurer on tumblr

    I found this cutie on tumblr, but nowhere else...
  2. R

    Help me identify this man, he used to be from tumblr

    Hi there, can anyone help me identify this man? I used to follow him on Tumblr, I found him in in the account Chile All Day Horny. I know that he is latin american, he possibly works with Metallurgy and Milling. After Tumblr Porn Ban, I lost track of him, he used to post both solo and videos...
  3. Zaddyshame

    Photos & Videos Raybutnottherollingone @ @1v1pussy@Gayhomies

  4. H

    Themagicalmalewand - Tumblr Boy

    Hey all! Folsom is going in and it reminded me of a tumblr crush i had before the purge. He was a sweet guy who had an eye for good content but he himself was also really cute. I started searching to see if he was on anything else or if anyone had saved any of his content? I've got a few pics...
  5. A

    Photo Help Identify I.d Guy

    I found these pictures a while ago when tumblr still allowed porn and I’ve been going crazy trying to find more of this guy or who he is. If anybody knows plssssss let me know.
  6. O

    Cbassmeow Aka Sebaseba8

    Also known as Sebastian Correa. The older threads got deleted. I’m looking for the second part of this video (attached) and other nudes.
  7. L

    Photos & Videos Bronze Avery - Singer

    Kinda shocked I haven’t seen a thread on him yet, he's fine AF. He used to be active on tumblr before the 2018 purge.
  8. C

    Old Tumblr Guy

    I’m looking for nudes from an tumblr guy from a couple years ago. He was white, had a larger penis, I would say he was be between 19-21 at the time. He always was posing in his bedroom on his bed and he had wallpaper covering all of his walls that almost looked like white cedar trees? If anyone...
  9. Mockingbeat

    Ritchie Ollie - Instagram/tumblr Influencer

    Anyone ever heard of Ritchie Ollie? If that's even his real name. lol. Cute aussie influencer who got his start on Tumblr when it was still cool. Now he's a popular photographer on Instagram. He's soooo fucking hot!!
  10. theVAguy


    Performer Name StickyBones24 OnlyFans Account onlyfans.com/stickybones24 Tumblr Handle Stickybones-95 Cost to Join $10.00 per month Ratings Overall Rating -- 4/5 pending more content Value -- Hopefully in the coming weeks as he adds more content, the value increases Frequency -- Account was...
  11. J

    What Happened To Anh91/ The Original Boy Man From Tumblr?

    Does anyone know what happened to Anh91 from Tumblr? He content and posts were amazing he just vanished. Let me know if he is still posting content :)
  12. S

    Photo Anyone Know Who This Is From Tumblr?

    Wanna find out who this is I believe he has an onlyfans too
  13. C


    Anything on this hunk? Instagram, Twitter, and tumblr under @/jifulai
  14. M

    Photo Liam Morris? Anyone Know?

    Hey everyone, first time posting here does anyone know who this guy is? I’ve seen videos of him around Tumblr, most of which have been taken down :/ I saw on one Tumblr his name is Liam Morris, but I haven’t found anything. Anyone else wanna try perhaps??
  15. C

    Photo Any On Him ? Tumblr

    Anyone have pics of him ?
  16. 1

    Artifacts Of Tumblr

  17. R

    Photo Physcicduckface

    I’ve been watching him for quite some time and now he had a JFF page, want to see his dick but can’t be asked to pay lol