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  1. K

    Help me find this Hot Daddy from tumblr/blogposts

    Hi, this is my first post or discussion iguess on here but im just gonna get to the point because i need help finding someone online if this guy even post anywhere: tumblr used to be a place where you could both post and find nsfw content and usually alot of different tumblr's reblogging and...
  2. F


    Anyone have anything on this hottie? Tumblr: Tumblr Patreon: BulkGainer | bietet photos and videos | Patreon
  3. het2roflexible9

    Photo Formerly allmonstercocksblog.tumblr.com

    I will be uploading a bunch of my pics and videos from my ever so popular tumblr that was torn down by The new Christian run Tumblr. So keep checking back here to see some of the most AMAZING pics and vids of some of the most jaw dropping dicks you've ever seen. Thanks