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  1. 3

    Photo Former Tumblr/Redditor BigCockBrad / radmadfadbrad

    Anyone else remember this college twink that had a huge thick 8" uncut monster of a cock? He disappeared off Tumblr and Reddit some years ago. His tumblr was BigCockBrad (" A Life Changing Cock") and his reddit was u/radmadfadbrad. Here are the photos that are still surviving, feel free to...
  2. R

    Help me find this guy!

    Anyone know who this guy is: I believe it was posted on a tumblr page of a new yorker who went around filming guys for money.
  3. Casey987

    Averagejoe2213 from Tumblr

    Anyone have anything else on this guy? Goes by averagejoe2213 on tumblr. Straight hairy guy who is definitely not average size. I wanna see more, nothin better than a guy who likes to show off
  4. JVocky

    jfeet14 lost foot fetish content search

    When I was on tumblr, there was this blog called jfeet14 that would post the hottest foot fetish content. Unfortunately, they were banned a year or so ago, and all their content with it. With the ban on nsfw its been very hard to find anything. That's why I'm here to ask for something. They...
  5. greatbazooka

    ReganXX0 Thread

    alright tldr, this dude probably has the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. We need more of this guy. I’m posting every photo I have of him along with 2 videos from my RedGif. If anyone else has different content, pls share! redgifs.com/users/greatbazooka
  6. C

    Tumblr ukmidshung

    More of him?
  7. J

    Help Find Tumblr “brother” Vid

    Hi, I just have some screencaps but these 2 guys claimed to be brothers and had bareback sex and I think there was cum eating too. Looking to find the vid or info about them. Thanks.
  8. N

    Tumblr Twink

    Does anyone have more pics/videos of this twink? Was posted on Tumblr a while back
  9. A

    Sbinskii Née Majortvjunkie

    Ex tumblr gay, think he’s in chicago, anyone seen anything?
  10. H

    Themagicalmalewand - Tumblr Boy

    Hey all! Folsom is going in and it reminded me of a tumblr crush i had before the purge. He was a sweet guy who had an eye for good content but he himself was also really cute. I started searching to see if he was on anything else or if anyone had saved any of his content? I've got a few pics...
  11. K

    Photos & Videos Id Ass Guy From Gif

    Not sure if anyone knows who this guy is? Is from a tumblr page
  12. throaterboy

    Bbc Tumblr Gay Compilation??

    hey everyone! before pornhub completely deleted a majority of the videos on the platform. I remember these bbc tumblr gay compilations but now they are nowhere to be found. If anyone has downloaded it when it was still on pornhub please let me know! or please porn within this thread.
  13. H


    He was a straight tumblr guy back in 2016 before the big porn purge, he mostly posted pics and occasionally short videos. Not sure if he has any other social media now but I sure hope he does. He did post occasionally on a snapchat account but he stopped posting on it long ago.
  14. N

    Photo What's His Name?

    Anyone know his name? Twitter or something. I remember him from tumblr. Thanks.
  15. colate39


    Anyone know where tumblr user Plentiful-Warmth went? Twitter? IG? OF? He used to post nudes and cumshots way before the tumblr purge.
  16. J

    Tumblr Photographer

    Can someone please help me id this guy? He's a photographer that used to post nsfw on tumblr and sfw on instagram. I think he's Spanish but idk. He also had some videos of him and some guy cumming together. Any help is appreciated
  17. Z

    Do Anybody Have Pics Or Video Of Celtic-skin

    This is was celtic-skin on tumblr and @celtic_skin on twitter. Both now deactivated unless anybody knows
  18. A

    Chrisdigay / Assgod

    Brooklyn gay vegan with a fat ass
  19. K

    Looking For Singlet Video

    Video is taken in a kitchen with a super ripped guy in a black singlet and he gets massage oil poured down his back as he takes the singlet off. The couple used to have an account on Tumblr, tons of hot videos. The couple was super buff, never showed their faces. May have found it via BananaBlog...
  20. S

    Passionatelovehurst (tumblr) Riley Savage

    Anyone has something of him? He used to be a tumblr boy always talking about being a power bottom and posting sexy stuff. He comes and goes from the internet. His real name is Riley Savage and he used to live in NY while studying or something
  21. B

    Can Anyone I.d This Young Hottie?

    Saw this hunk on Twitter and dying to see more of him. The posts comments were turned off and I reached out to the person who posted and they never messaged back. Anyone with info would be greatly appreciated!!
  22. Torc

    Identify This Smoker From Tumblr...

    This guy had a tumblr where he posted photographs and videos of himself smoking cigarettes. Can't remember his name and the tumblr may have been deleted. He had an instagram too, though. Think he was Central European, maybe Czech or Slovak.
  23. A

    Photo Help Identify I.d Guy

    I found these pictures a while ago when tumblr still allowed porn and I’ve been going crazy trying to find more of this guy or who he is. If anybody knows plssssss let me know.
  24. W

    Who Is Him?

    Any idea who is this guy? Or if he has a new social network? When there was tumblr, he had the username @dallasfeet or something like that... he has indeed beautiful feet and a juicy thick cock.
  25. vidal

    Help!: “spiders” In Ass Video

    Ey! A long time ago i saw a video in tumblr of a guy helping a straight neighbor taking out spiders (fake spiders) of his ass... this guy took his neighbor pants off and then start helping him killing those spiders.. I haven’t seen that video since tumblr went down! Does anybody know where I can...
  26. D


    Anyone got anything on him? He used to be big on Tumblr under the name ‘kingyump’. I’ve got some stuff but just looking for what others may have his insta used to be kamaree_2timez, now it’s rw.kamaree. Snap used to be onebigchoppa.
  27. A

    Stahrmie /8bitbrigadier

    YouTuber/tumblr user
  28. ChuChiPapi

    Does Anyone Recognize These Guys From Tumblr?

    These are some random pictures of guys I have saved from Tumblr over the past 8 or so years and was wondering if anyone could help me identify any of them. I have no clue if they're just random one offs or if they do cams or anything, I just have the pics and videos, so most of these are...
  29. L

    Photos & Videos Bronze Avery - Singer

    Kinda shocked I haven’t seen a thread on him yet, he's fine AF. He used to be active on tumblr before the 2018 purge.